Our Roots

Welcome to bumi, where we're all about helping you grow your plant family one leafy friend at a time! We're a family-run business based in Washington, and we're passionate about all things plants. Not only do they bring joy and beauty to our lives, but they also have the magical ability to make us kinder human beings. 😍

As plant parents ourselves, we know that being a mom is cool, but being a plant mom is even cooler (we're just kidding, moms are the best). When you shop with us, you can expect a hassle-free and fun plant-buying experience. Our selection is always changing as we go on plant-finding adventures, but we'll always have all your household favorites.

Our plant journey started a few years ago when I, the shop owner, became a plant mom to a fiddle leaf tree. I was terrified it would die under my care, but with lots of love and attention, it thrived. Before I knew it, my collection had grown to over 20 plants and I was sneakily bringing new ones into the house and hiding them behind older plants. Sound familiar? 😂

We're excited to share our love of plants with you through bumi, and we're grateful to have you join us on this journey. We're always looking for ways to improve and welcome your feedback. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @bumiplants, so be sure to give us a follow and a little love!

Thanks for trusting us to be a go-to source for all your plant needs. Have a plant-tastic day! 🌱