Our Roots

We are a family business and our home-based shop is located in Edmonds, Washington. Our mission is to help you grow your plant family - one plant at a time. 🌱

Our motivation to open bumi was simple, we love plants and the plant community! Not only do plants make people happy, they also make them kinder (and we need more kindness). 💚

Unlike being a mom, being a plant parent is “cool” and highly rewarding (just kidding, moms are cool too)! When you shop with bumi, expect a hassle free and fun plant experience. 👍

Over time, as your collection grows, so will ours. We are working towards bringing you unique plants with personality and character. The selection is always changing based on our plant-finding adventures but you can expect we’ll continue to have the household favorites.

Everyone’s planthood journey is different - I want to share how this started for me as a collector and now, a shop owner.

I didn’t get into plants until later in life but I grew up around pothos, begonias, zz plants and many more! My dad is a plant dad, he too, loves plant and is extremely proud of his collection.

A few years ago, I became a plant mom to a fiddle leaf tree. I was scared and worried it would die under my care but with a lot of love, words of affirmation, and attention, my tree thrived.

As you know, plants are addicting, you can’t stop at owning just one. Within a couple of months, my collection grew to over 20 plants. I knew I got it bad when I started sneaking them into the house or hiding newer ones behind older plants.

With that, I am excited to launch bumi and am thankful to have you follow along on this journey. This won’t be perfect from the start but with love and acceptance from the plant community, bumi will grow. 

I continuously look for opportunities to learn and welcome your feedback to help improve your plant experience. You can find bumi on IG and FB @bumi.plants - please show us some love!

I hope to earn your trust and become a source that you can depend on! Have a plant-tastic day!

💚   bumi